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Who We Are

With over 100 years’ experience in the automotive industry, ACDelco today stands as a world leader in the field of automotive parts and is an internationally recognised brand. Operating in more than 100 countries across six continents, ACDelco boasts a global product range of some 80,000 parts covering 37 product lines. This equates to ACDelco being able to supply component parts for almost any type of vehicle anywhere in the world today.

Not surprisingly, it is a similar picture in Europe, where ACDelco’s aftermarket parts solutions provide extensive coverage of the European vehicle parc. Understandably, given the company’s history, expertise in automotive technology and its standing as a global organisation that today forms part of GM Customer Care and Aftersales – a division of General Motors – ACDelco remains at the forefront of the European aftermarket.

What We Supply

As you would expect from a proven innovator in automotive technology, ACDelco’s aftermarket product portfolio remains a constantly dynamic proposition, delivered as a means of meeting the needs of ever-changing market conditions. Today, the company prides itself on providing competitively priced and high quality parts that are backed by consistent availability and strong parts branding.

Simply choose from:

  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Bulbs
  • Clutch
  • Filters
  • Fluids
  • Spark Plugs
  • Wiper Blades
Who We Cover

We provide a full catalogue of components for the majority of vehicle manufacturers. Our parts meet OE standards and are of the highest quality.

What Sparked The Legacy?

ACDelco has not only been an integral part of the automotive industry landscape for over a century, it has played a major role in helping to shape it in the process. And as you are about to discover, it is a story that was quite literally sparked by the innovation of one man – French cyclist, Albert Champion.

After leaving his native France in 1899 by heading for Boston, Massachusetts, Albert turned his hobby of making spark plugs that he used to sell to his friends for cash into a commercial operation. The Champion Ignition Company was born in 1899. The rest, as they say, is history. Below we focus on just some of the milestones that have been achieved along the way.

Momentous Milestones

1905 - Albert Champion splits with his investors, who keep the Champion Ignition Co. name.

1908 - Albert Champion joins forces with Buick Motor Co. and makes spark plugs in the AC Spark Plug Division. The AC of ACDelco is born.

1916 - United Motors Corp. (UMC) absorbs the AC Spark Plug Division and forms United Motor Services Inc. (UMS) to sell and service parts.

1926 - Ten years later, Remy Electric merges with Dayton Engineering. Labs Co. (Delco) and forms the Delco Remy Corp.

1927 -AC Spark Plugs are a part of Charles A. Lindbergh’s impressive trans-Atlantic flight.

1932 - Another impressive flight takes place that sees AC Spark Plugs used as part of Amelia Earhart’s trans-Atlantic solo flight.

1969 - ACDelco goes literally to the moon and back. An AC igniter plugs fire in the second and third-stage rocket engines that propel Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin in the Apollo space mission.

1971 - ACDelco launches its first SMS maintenance free batteries.

1974 - The merger of AC Spark Plug Sales Division and United Delco Division creates the AC-Delco Division.

1995 - ACDelco takes on a new look to reflect the company’s continuing commitment to developing new products and innovations.

2004 - ACDelco rejoin the European region by opening four independent distribution companies.

2006 - ACDelco begins focusing its efforts globally by developing specific business strategies directed at varied cultures and markets.

2010 - Consolidation of all European businesses into one European operation, Aftermarket UK Ltd.

2011 - ACDelco is widely recognized as a truly international and global organization.

So there you have it. A story based on an initial, innovative venture than evolved into an organisation that set industry standards for quality parts, something that ACDelco continues to do today, and on a worldwide class basis.